It's called





If you're looking at this through the editor, go ahead - try making a few changes in the text.


NOTE:  Unfortunately, at this time we can't make changes to the text styling - bold, italic, etc.  However, any stylized text we replace with the In-Browser editing wil remain stylized.

This is a test



When your text editing is complete, click outside the container's dashed lines to deselect it, and click the PUBLISH button in the upper right.


Next, we'll try replace the picture below.  If you click on it, you'll be presented with an option to EDIT IMAGE.  After clicking the EDIT IMAGE option, you'll be presented with a list of possible replacement pictures, or the ability to upload a new one.


NOTE: The container that holds the image will not resize, so it's important to choose a replacement picture that is very similar in size and aspect ratio to the original.


When you've chosen the correct replacement, click the BLUE CHECKMARK at the upper left to make the replacement, and subsequently, the PUBLISH button to publish the change.




This is how the In-Browser editing works.  I think you'll find it's a pretty simple and cost-effective way to make little changes on the website without having to involve me.


Since I keep and work from a copy of the website that resides on my computers, my software recognizes when a client has made a change via the In-Browser editing, and will notify me the next time I open the website.  At that time, I can merely update my files and continue working as normal - the new changes are automatically rolled in.